Vogue Tee

DSC_0136 (9)DSC_0137DSC_0148DSC_0161 (2)
As you can see a simple t-shirt. One of the ultimate basics. This month when Vogue released this t-shirt, I couldn’t let it pass me by. I bought one immediatly. I´m a fan of the most simple t-shirts without any distraction of the female figure. I don’t like impressive prints or a tee with letters on it, except this one. It is the exception in my wardrobe. I don’t know why but love to wear the word vogue on my chest. Anyway, combined with some other good basics, my new outfit is born.

Tailored jacket: Claudia Sträter,
Tee: Vogue
Pencil skirt: Vanilia
Scaled ankleboots: Supertrash (wearing them with socks)
Bag: Pieces
Bracelets: H&M // Buy here

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