Pictures by: Jelmer Steenhuis
The shorts come with a white jacket, but I like to wear it like this too.
The black tailored jacket had pearl buttons. Though I liked black buttons better so I replaced them.
My new sunglases do make me think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the glasses that Johnny Depp is wearing in the movie. I really like that crazy image. It has a beautiful retro style with an innovative curl on the side. It’s inspired on sunglasses of Prada.
Tailored jacket: Claudia Sträter // Buy at:
Tailored shorts pants: Wolford // Buy at:
White tank top: Mango // Buy at:
Shoes: Kennel en Schmenger // Buy at:
Bag: Georges Rech // Buy at:
Pendants: Mi Moneda (silver necklace is not a moneda, my moneda necklacee is broken) // Buy at:

Sunglasses: So Retro // Buy at:

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