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Home, sweet home. Maybe you have noticed that it I haven’t posted anything lately. I recently went on vacation to Austria. I really did enjoy my time there and I would love to go on more trips, but returning home is really nice after being away for a while. While on vacation I tried to stop thinking about everything, relax and take some rest. I never knew it was that hard to do. After two days I was already restless and wanted to work on my blog. I promised not to do so and I didn’t, although I did went shopping.. In Austria I enjoyed nature the most. The streets are also very clean and the people are really nice. I loved the mountain landscape, which to me is very exciting because in the Netherlands everything is flat. I wish I have such a beautiful place close to home so I can take pictures for my blog in such a beautiful area. Another perk of Austria is the sun. My skin doesn’t tan easily but now it’s a shade darker tanned than before! Yay!


In a previous post I talked about holiday packing. I can tell you it was a success! I’m proud of myself that I didn’t pack more than necessary. Thanks to that I had room left for the new things I bought on vacation. Here is one of my vacation finds. Beautiful statement earrings that I bought at Innsbruck. The picture was taken on my vacation. Despite that I couldn’t wear them with the right outfit, I was too excited to wait with wearing them. This picture is taken while I was on my way to go swimming. I see myself wearing these earrings with a basic, cozy white or cream colored cardigan.


In my younger years I had a period in which I wanted to wear only statement earrings. I felt naked without them. At the time I had a total crush on earrings with big peacock feathers and I had a sea blue colored pair with nacre. It guess it had something to do with my age and the fashion image at the time. These days I don’t think statement earrings are suitable for every occasions or outfit. However as counterpart of an outfit it can complement it or add the finishing touch to a certain style. Big earrings can give the impression of youth. There is a turning point of when wearing big earrings can give the wrong impression. It can look vulgar when wearing the wrong pair or wearing them the wrong way. That is something we want to avoid, so be careful. Sometimes I like to create a romantic or natural look around statement pieces and I personally love styles like Greek, Egyptian, Indian, animalistic, Roman or Aztec. I think Dolce and Gabbana is always does a great job with their statement pieces and spectacular prints. I especially love their winter collection of 2013 and their summer collection of 2014. These collections are the proof that wearing a lot of gold doesn’t have to be vulgar. I let myself be inspired by them.


I always had something special with shoes and accessories that are made with care and have fine quality and details. I keep on being fascinated by those small artworks.
What is your opinion on statement earrings?

Earrings: Vanity Her Italy // Bought at: Fink’s

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