Sparkling Nails

Lately I receive a lot of questions about my nails, while wearing these looks. Time for a post about my party sparkles. This year I go for a natural look combined with some loose glitters.

DSC_0058 DSC_0055 DSC_0054 DSC_0477Glitter Look 1:

Things I used (next to the basic things) to create this look:
– Pink Gellac color 101 Soft White
– Small pencil
– Lose glitters
– Small vial
– Piece of paper

For this look I first did a simple French manicure with a transparent top coat layer. I didn’t apply the classic see-trough pink most French manicures go with. If you have nails who have discolorations I recommend to add Pink Gellac color 105. To place the glitters I used the smallest pencil I could find. I applied some drops of top coat in a small vial. Then I dipped my small pencil in it and afterwards in the loose glitters. With this I could make a small band of glitters under the white tip of my nails.

DSC_0054 (2) DSC_0056 DSC_0471Glitter Look 2:

Things I used (next to the basic things) to create this look:
– Pink Gellac Color 105 Blush Orange
– Silver glitter dust
– 2 mm silver hexagon flakes
– Small vial
– Piece of paper

For this second look I first did my nails with two layers of color 105 Blush Orange. Then I did my nails with top coat and before drying I threw some lose silver glitters over the tip of my nails. Tip: use some paper under the process to catch the glitters you spill so you can easily throw them back in the bottle for re-use.

When it’s dry throw some drips of top coat in a small glass, so you won’t get the glitters that are loose on your nails from the brush in the polish bottle. Then apply a new layer of top coat and sprinkle the 2 mm silver hexagon flakes over the tip of your nails. When you apply a layer of top coat after drying the glitters, you will see that the brush will spread out some glitters that were still lose. Personally I really liked this messy effect. After drying, seal it with one or two extra layers of top coat and you’re good to go. Tip: Don’t forget to clean the pencil of your top coat before putting it back in to the bottle

I already got a lot of complements about these looks. Now its time for you to receive them! Have fun creating these glittering party looks!

I made a short film of how-to-apply the glitters after applying the basics. You can see how I did this, find it here.
I skipped to explain how to use pink Gellac, if you want to know how to use these products follow their instructions or read some of my other nail polish posts that I wrote before. You can find them here, herehere and here.

Happy holidays everyone!

Pink Gellac products: here
Glitters: I couldn’t find the transparent glitters or the silver ones. When looking for these products first look at nail discount shops before you buy a way too expensive pot. Around New Years Eve or Christmas shops like Ici Paris, Sephora and Douglas and also some regular drug stores sometimes have a beautiful assortment of lose glitters!

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