Sale Shopping!

pictures by: Jelmer Steenhuis

Several items of the autumn and winter collection have been arriving these last few weeks. During this time the spring and summer clothes are on SALE!

I like to buy clothes from the best brands when there is sale like this, because then it’s payable. This sweater is one of my favorite sale purchases. It has the feel of a lazy sunday sweater, while it has a very faminine neckline and is made of a fabric that drapes beautifully around the body.
The ring I bought from a shop were I worked when I was fourteen years old. You can still order this particular brand on the internet. It’s made all of silver. This prevents it from decline and the ring will stay as beautiful as when I first bought it.
Sweater: MaxMara, // Buy at:
White jeans: American Apparel // Buy at:
Heels: Zara // Buy at:
Bag: Zara // Buy at:
Silver Ring: Stars // Buy at:

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