pictures by: Jelmer Steenhuis

Despite the fact that I like to wear many styles, I catch myself choosing more often simpler clothes or wear one color.

I always was obsessed by textures and the feminine lines in clothes. Luckely different textures are in fashion and there are a lot of surprising combinations or ways of using materials at the moment. I really like the feel of the material of this neopreen sweater and skirt. Normally you wil find a variation of neopreen in, by example, a diving suit.
Zara, made from a thin kind of neopreen a chic a line skirt and sweater.
Neopreen has it’s own way of staying in form and how it drapes around you. This gives the sweater and skirt a special touch.
Sweater: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Overknee suede boots: Vintage
Leather bag: Georges Rech

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