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The weather in the Netherlands is almost never what you want it to be, so I don’t want to talk about the weather. Oops, I already did!
What I really do like about this weather is that I still can keep on wearing my beautiful karen millen coat wich I really love!
The other pieces of my outfit are nothing special, but it always works and looks great.
I really like to wear treggings with a blouse and heels because it always looks well dressed and its very comfortable to wear due to the fact moves easier with you than you would in a tight jeans. When you are not very accustomed with heels, this outfit also looks great with some simple seude leather ballerinas.

Next to some other basic peaces, which you will need to have in you’re wardrobe, I always make sure I have a black tregging, a basic blouse and some black heels and ballerinas. Dont be afraid to spend money on the basic pieces, because they’re worth every penny. If the quality and fabric are beautiful, you could be using them for years and they will always be useful in a lot of combinations.

Coat: Karen millen // Buy at:
Black gloss leather clutch: V&D // Buy at:
Creme white Blouse: Malene Birger // Buy at:
Tregging: Closed // Buy at:
Shoes: Tango // Buy at:
Necklease: DIY
The neckless with the pendant is one of my DIY projects. I made it when I was eight years old.
I always kept this one in my collection. Though I never wore it, because I thought it was not good enough for wearing. Recently I rediscovered it and I really like to wear this piece of my own history. Especially because it’s in fashion to wear DIY items. Nowadays I realy like to combine white with copper accents. I opened the pendant to see what was inside and found a lovely letter from my mother which she wrote to me at the time. This makes it even more a precious piece of jewellery and more worthwhile to wear.
This is how I made it:
It’s made of 2 copper pipes of 2 different sizes so they fit properly on each other.
Out of the biggest pipe I made the lid, the smaller one the tube.
I finished the top of the biggest pipe and the bottom of the smaller pipe by soldering a copper disc to each.
The copper discs I sawed from a larger plate of copper. 
The next part was the holding and opening mechanism. So the tubes would stay locked on eachother while wearing it. I fit the top of the tube onto the smaller and longer part. Then I pierced a hole right through the sides. Through the holes I can stab a silver pin. At the end of the pin I fixed a piece of a silver necklace. At the other side I put a earring hold to keep the pin from sliding out. I fixed the other end of the silver necklace piece to the earring hold. 
At the last step I pierced two holes on the top of the upper lid so I could fit a silver ring through them. Thanks to the ring I can wear it on a necklace.

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