Marilyn White

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 I love leather, though with my blond hair en red lipstick I have to be careful. I love feminine lines, but I dont want it to look vulgar. I was looking for a leather skirt for a very long time. Everything I found was either something black, brown or red. This particular one I found on the internet and was a very concervative, long, A-line skirt with pearl buttons. I remodeled it to a feminine skirt with a high split on the backside. I love to combine white with gold, silver and above all copper accents. This time I wanted to have accessories that can add the finishing touch, without being a distraction of the feminine lines. So I painted my neckless white.
Necklace: DIY
Blouse: French Connection //Buy at:
Leather Skirt: DIY

Shoes: Nelly // Buy at:

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  1. richt hamstra

    Its amazing how very simple lines and one colour can be so beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing this pitchers whit us. It’s a great inspiration for me and my own closet.

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