How To: “Buy Brands and Build a Working Wardrobe With a Low Budget.”



I’m a real fashion victim and constantly work on my wardrobe. I don’t like it when my bank account won’t let me build on my wardrobe as I would love to to do. Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t millionaires so we need a few tricks for a beautiful and fabulous wardrobe that works. For such a wardrobe we basically need good basics, sale specials and some vintage items.

Step 1: Take a Breath

It all starts with timing your purchases. There can be several situations when you can’t spend money on clothes. In times like these you have to let all those new, beautiful pieces pass you by. Don’t worry, there will be more beautiful pieces in the future. These you’ll also think you must have. So, don’t invest in new pieces, but do so in your old ones. What do I mean? Maybe you need to repair some old stuff. You can also try to customize some things or even design something new from fabric you got laying around. Using this time for a DIY project is not a bad idea at all! This is not only a good example of spending your time well, it’s also a lot of fun and provides me with things I’m missing in my wardrobe. Smart investments can result in an amazing wardrobe.

Step 2: Saving Money

Having money for the bigger sales at the end of the seasons is important. I always have a small part of my savings set aside. Next to that, I sell the pieces I don’t use anymore and save the money on the same “shopping” account I previously mentioned.

Step 3: Time to Buy

In the beginning of a season I try to spend all my money on the new collection pieces I really love and those I think will be sold out very fast. This may sound contradicting to what I previously said so let me explain. It goes something like this; There are two important moments when there are big sales, the summer and winter sale. Keep in mind that the stores always precede approximately two months in advance with what they sell, so for example the summer sale will be in the middle of the summer. Also at the end of a season the new collection for the next season arrives. At that moment I spend my money on important, must have pieces from the new collections and some good picks from the old collection. Then I save in the coming months for the next big sale and new collection.
Most of the pieces I buy from the new collection are well cut basics, cheaper basics with a good quality fabric or those that are comfy to wear or easy to combine. Invest in these key pieces! Further in the season the other stuff will probably be in sale. Look for special items to complement your wardrobe. I love the times when everywhere there is sale! This is the time when you have to strike. Pick your battles between the beautiful pieces of the brands.

These are my sale picks for now. Don’t you just love sale shopping?
Scarf: Lilly and Lionel (also love the orange variation of this one) // Buy here
Shoes: Michael Kors // Buy here

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