Blond, Blonder, Blondest

Okay, it’s not the blondest kind of blond, but have you noticed that my hair is a little lighter? I’m a natural blond and I get this beautiful light golden color in my hair thanks to the sun in the summer. In the winter it turns a bit darker, which I think looks boring. To keep a bit of the summer in my hair I place highlights. Years ago I decided not to damage my hair by using do-it-yourself products. Plus the effect of a do-it-yourself package always has this yellowish undertone, which is a waste. Even more so when you are a natural blond, because you don’t need to have this unnatural look.

Anyhow I let my hair be done by a hairdresser when he/she is good in his/her work. This will give the most natural look and won’t damage your hair as much. A few days ago I went to one of my favorite hairdressers in Groningen to refresh my hair. He places the highlights in such a natural way! Only when you look very closely you may see them. Otherwise you won’t even notice they are there. In the spirit of ‘less is more’. I’m really satisfied with the result! I’m ready for the holidays!

Thank you Peter From Kapsalon Natas!

DSC_0010 (2)

You can find him herehere and here:
Natas hair & visagie
Blekerstraat 2-1
9718 EB Groningen
050 – 785 217 2

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